Get It Done

12 Nov 2013 - 1 min

This gets even worse if you work in a big company when you have colleagues or teammates arriving to your desk to ask something or sometimes just to do some easy talk. Some studies talk about 20-25 minutes to recover the entire focus. Multiply this to the number of interruptions and you can see that sometimes you just lost you work day.

Define Your Tasks and Press Play

You probably heard about the Pomodoro Technique. It’s a simple process to help you improve your productivity and focus. If not take a look at the PDF, it’s free and does not hurt you to read. It inspired me to mix music and focus.

Start by creating every morning or on the night before a list of tasks you wanna complete on the day. Be honest with yourself. You can’t do more than one task at the same time so break them until you have a clear and honest list. I recommend using Trello or tasks on gmail.

Now put some music to play. I usually hear full albums and that allows me to focus in general for 60-120 minutes depending of the album length. In this time don’t allow people or other things to distract you. Allow your mind to stay focused.

Not every style of music is appropriate to your focus time. In general the mood of the music might affect your own mood. There’s a lot of people who works well listening to aggressive music but calm and positive music would always perform better.

After a period of focus the reward could be reading something useful, going for a stretch and walk around the office, drink a long sip of water or just relax for 5 minutes before dive into another task and perhaps another album.