Looking for Inspiration

05 Jan 2014 - 1 min

Very often people always ask me: how you always find cool things to share or where do you find inspiration? So I decided to write a quick post with some links that allow me to stay tuned and inspired.


My world spins around designed things and I’m fascinated about how design is more and more starting to be perceived by normal people. To keep me inspired when designing new stuff I feed my brain with different niches of design.

Dieter Rams
Bless This Stuff
Design Sponge


I learned the basics of photography back in 2003 on a Nikon FM-10. It soon became one of the things that I more pleasant to do, specially when I’m traveling. Also it allows me to clear my mind and track moments of my life.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
Sebastião Salgado
David Loftus
Tinker Street


Since 2007, I’ve been cooking almost everyday of my life. Sometimes 3 meals in the same day. I’m always seeking for new methods or revisiting the same recipes adding new flavors just to see what happens.

Jamie Oliver
Gennaro Contaldo
Smitten Kitchen
Love and Lemons
Brooklyn Brew Shop


This is recent and I don’t know if I really consider it a hobby since I’m trying to build an audience and develop a personal style. I’m using it as a way to master my written English and also it sometimes helps me to think and decide things clearly.

Nathan Berry
Sasha Greif
Frank Chimero
Andrew Kim
Josh Long