Remote Work

05 Dec 2013 - 1 min

I’ve been working remotely for 6 months and in this time I’ve been collecting some notes to share about pros and cons of this experience so far.

Getting Out of Home Makes You Sane and Inspired

Go out for lunch sometimes, go ride your bike, travel and work from another place, go walk around and shoot a different scene or just cook a new recipe for lunch. I found that it’s important to see new things, interact with new random people and breath fresh air. It’s not new that our brain need some rest in order to keep everything right so let it rest.

Split Creative and Boring Work for the Right Time

Every kind of work has some boring stuff to do. As a professional you have to know how to deal with that. How to manage the creative work for times when you feel inspired and be comfortable to spend some time focused doing the boring stuff. I always recommend listening to music for the boring stuff. Allows you to abstract the fact you’ll be doing boring stuff for the next hour.

You’ll Miss Having Workmates

Specially on the lunch time you’ll miss having different people to talk about work or life stuff. Not saying that remote work don’t provide that but face-to-face communication will always beat Skype/Slack

Be Prepared to Work More Hours

With no physical distance between you and your work place sometimes you can say you gonna just to check your emails or read some stuff but somehow in a magic way you always end doing some work.

You Can’t Hug The World

Will be always companies willing to work with you. I have a personal point of view that you should always listen for new things but before join in new adventures you have to think twice about how much work can you handle together. Remember that you’ll naturally work more hours so if you try to get more work that you actually can handle you’ll ending up by losing clients.