Why I’m Leaving

11 May 2013 - 2 mins

I saw the company grow from 200 to 1,000+ employees, watched acquisitions, failures, launched new products and crafted every kind of pixel from emails to mobile apps — now I feel that is time to move on.

Back to 2011

It was a very fun and inspirational journey that started in January 2011 because an answer I left on Quora about who are the best designers in town. And it ended with an interview that gave me the opportunity to be the second designer on the Product Design team. Another interesting thing was that I didn’t even know if I could speak fluent English. But after some interviews and one month of work, my English started to come.

Even with 1000+ employees and 5 live products, the team hit maximum of 3 “ego free” guys. It was a great team to work on our ideals and our ideas were really well connected. The value of our team was having the clear vision of what the company could be in the future and design it. And the most important: having fun :)

Also, it was an international experience because the product and engineering team included foreigners from USA and South America countries. So it was a great oportunity to interact with people with different cultures and learn a lot form them at the same time.

“Ok buddy, but why are you leaving?”

The main reason is that I believe my mission in the company is accomplished. I did enough to be proud and I have this feeling that I’m ready to move on with new work/life experiences.

It’s not just about leaving the company, but also about getting out of my comfort zone. So I decided that my goal is to get a job in the U.S., get a work visa and live there for at least 2–4 years, maybe meet the right people and start something or maybe finding the right company and helping them. I will spend the rest of this year focusing on this objective.

And living outside my country, Brazil, will help me master my written and spoken English. It will also will help me to experience other cultures, and help me connect and learn from new people. I believe it will have a deep impact on my career and how I work and get inspired.

Fear of Failure?

No way to fail on this goal. There’s no anxiety. I feel like it’s much better to try and see what happens than regret never having tried. And I believe it’s the perfect time to do it. I just got married and we don’t have plans for kids yet, so why not?

The best thing out of all this is my wife understands it and supports me. Plus, I spoke with some close, and work, friends and they support my decision. So let’s do it!